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Between the campus and the town of Oldenzaal is quite an interesting forest, or more like a strange mix between park and forest.
Part of it, hof Espelo, is quite old, but I'm guessing most of the forest was planted by the rich textile industrials.

Past a gate with 'bad hut' on its posts (bad is not evil, but Dutch for bath).

The gate. (It wasn't this dark, but obviously not light enough for my camera.)

This was a free walking path going around a meadow and a pond. However on the fence across the path towards this meadow was a 'no entry' sign and lots of barbed wire. Of course, this interested me immensely so I went exploring. Walking the path behind the easy climeable fence I found a small shed with a broken mill stone and to 'leilinden' in front of it facing the pond.
A bit further was a well maintained but little used barn. It was locked but I suspect there isn't much interesting stuff in there. Under the roof was an old farmers cart, pretty much rotten away.

Early morning + bad photographer = terrible quality

Nope, this will wheel probably never turn again.

Most interesting was a concrete bridge without any obvious use. The path going over it mostly overgrown, nothing underneath. I suspect the stream has moved it's course (or the course was moved). From the name 'bad hut' the place could have been a bathing/swimming place, but it got abandoned, the stream feeding the bathing pond was directed away and the road across the bridge abandoned. The place is obviously private property, but it's use and the reason of the abundance of barbed wire on the gate is a bit of a mistery to me.

A concrete bridge, nicely overgrown.

Next I had a look at the 'sterrebos' (star-forest), a small bit of wood with 4 paths crossing eachother in the middle, making it an '8-sprong'. Nice but not too interesting. At the crossroads large rhododendron bushes block the view, so you can't clearly see all eight paths.


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