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Sometime in summer 2001 (did not write a report then, forgot the date):

Cycling more or less randomly north of the campus, I ended up on a narrow road between the railwaytrack Hengelo-Oldenzaal and the highway A1. Here I found quite a high human made hill, I guess about 20 metres (this is high in the Netherlands). Off course I started climbing it, the fence surrounding it was wide open, when a policecar pulled up behind me. The cops didn't call me back, they were just watching me. Not sure what to do, I went to them and asked them if I was allowed to climb the hill. They asked why, I told them something about wanting to see the view from up there. He told me it was very nice and I really should see it. So I did and it was quite nice, though not spectacular. Unfortunately I was almost out of film so I just got this one picture.

There is a train in this picture, but it is only about one pixel wide. Of course, the real trainspotter can emediately identify it as being a "Buffel" going from Oldenzaal to Hengelo :-). It is below the portals for the overhead wire.

The hill seems to be made out of debris, covered with half a metre of dirt which had washed away in some places. The hill is covered with high grass, bushes and some small trees. When I came down again the coppers had left. (Some people complain about there not being "enough police on the streets", now if they would just stop following me around...:-) )

This picture was (obviously) taken a few months later on 31-12-2001. From left to right, the A1 highway, a rest area and the railway. On the original picture you would be able to see Oldenzaal on the horizon.

Better pic of Buffel train. You can also see the open fence.

And in the other direction with the skyline of Hengelo.


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