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08-07-01 Forest exploration part 2
In the early morning (about 6 am) I had another look at the bridge mentioned above and took some pictures (see above).
Next I was going to have a look at the grave of the Van Heeks, somewhere in the forest. It is mentioned on the website of druiden.nl, that's also the way it came to my attention. I wonder how the writer knew of it.
I was a bit worried about a car stopping in the forest at this time of day so I took a detour (which was a bit larger than intended), and approached from the north. This took me along the 5 metres high hill, also mentioned on druids.nl. Trees are growing now on the mound. A small shallow pool is in front of it, probably the source of dirt for the hill.

Big mole in forest. (picture made on a later date with better light conditions)

Walking around it I found rails sticking out of the ground, with steel rods connected to them. I think the hill once housed an antenna or watchtower and the rails with the rods kept it from falling over.
Rail sticking out of the ground. I tried to take a picture of the hill, but it came out with only trees on it.

Passing a no entry sign I made my way towards the grave. I had to leave my bike behind soon, the path got very narrow and it was blocked by fallen over trees. I crossed a dry stream and ended up on the winding path to the grave, which is bordered by huge rhododendron-bushes. The grave itself is not very impressive; two gravestones, some conifers, gravel-tiles and a small fence around it. It obviously receives some maintenance now and then -the gravel-tiles probably replaced the cast aside flagstones some time ago, no rust on the fence and a piece of agricultural plastic laying about - but not much. Weeds were growing pretty high.

Peacefully quiet and a bit overgrown.

Headstones in closeup

On the graves:

Hier rusten:

Ludwig van Heek
Geb. 10 Febr. 1871

te Enschede
Overl. 19 Febr. 1931
te Merano

Catharina Maria
van Heek - van Heek
Geb. 30 Aug. 1874
te Enschede
Overl. 1 Jan. 1950
te Enschede

Hier Rust
Jan Herman
van Heek Lzn
Geb. 10 Sept. 1911
te Lonneker
Overl. 17 Mei 1956
te Enschede

The surname Van Heek is inseparably linked to the textile industry which made Enschede what it is today (see for example Enschede -> Eilermark).

Next up was the estate Oosterveld. All entryways to the estate were blocked with barbed wire but one. I cycled and walked around a bit on broad alley's with high beech trees making them look like tunnels. Slowly I made my way up to the house, thinking it may be abandoned because I didn't see much evidance of human activities in the park. It looked pretty abandoned from a distance but as I got closer I noticed a satellite dish on the wall and a well maintained garden. I left and cycled around the estate, figuring that if it was inhabited, it must have at least a mailbox. And indeed, at the back entrance was a mailbox with a housenumber and also a (in the Netherlands well known) 'free walking on paths and tracks' sign. So I had sneaked around for nothing.

There are more interesting places in the forest, like open places, a small lake (Lonnekermeer), 'het Hartjesbosch' (harts forest), 'de Wildernis' (wildernes), fast running streams etc.



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