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Eisenbahnknoten Oebisfelde

Once upon a time one could travel by train in seven different directions from Oebisfelde. After W.W.II some of the smaller railroad connections were cut off by the inner German border and Oebisfelde became a border station. Freight trains coming in from West Germany had to be split up and reassembled to be send in all directions across the DDR. Over a thousand people were employed at Oebisfelde in those days.
After the border reopened and Germany reunited the importance of Oebisfelde diminished. Freight traffic fell sharply after 1993. In the late '90ties a high-speed railway line was build between Berlin and Hannover and at this occasion the station was rebuild. All unnecessary infrastructure was removed, the pedestrian tunnel and platforms removed and completely rebuild. The highspeed line runs just north of the station, hidden between sound barriers and without a connection to the other tracks at the station. Only regional trains now still halt at Oebisfelde.
From 1995 the locomotives stationed at BW (train depot) Oebisfelde were gradually moved to Stendal. The last task of the depot was servicing the construction trains used in building the high speed line. The BW was closed down in 1998. The wagon maintenance shed is now used by a scrap metal company, the turntable and large locomotive shed are used by private railway company "Lappwaldbahn GmbH" and lends out space to the Dampflok-Gemeinschaft e.V. Braunschweig Weferlingen, a museum club.

Start of a small hiking and railtracking trip between Oebisfelde and Salzwedel

Arrival at Oebisfelde. The old station building remains but the new platforms look barren and sterile.


All signal boxes were demolished in 1996 but the BW is still more or less complete. Only a large smokestack was removed.

Bit big for your average buffer stop. It was used to align for example logs on a flatbed wagon.



(Pardon me for the decapitated towers, still have to get used to my new camera)
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