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Enschede Zuid -
Leeuwarden -
Hellendoorn -
Goor - Neede -
Zoutkamp -
Maastricht -
Winterswijk -
Winterswijk -
Bocholt - Borken
Quakenbrück -
BW Rheine
Rheine -
Burgsteinfurt -
Hochneukirch -
Jülich -
Franeker - Arum
Einde Dokkumer
BW Oebisfelde
Oebisfelde -
Salzwedel -
Badel -
Grootse Plannen


22-03-05 Part one of a multiday walk along abandoned railwaylines in Germany

Rheine - Quakenbrck was opened in 1879 as part of the railwayline from Oberhausen to Quakenbrck. The line was important in both worldwars for transport between the main weaponsproduction in the Ruhr area and the seaport Wilhelmshaven with 70 to 80 trains per day. Passenger traffic was halted in 1969. The timetable of winter 1968/1969 was kindly sent to me by Alberto Brosowsky and can be found here.

Quakenbrück was also once the starting point of a narrow-gauge railway to Lingen. More information on Berge-im-netz.de (German)

Quakenbrück station is one of the weirdest looking station buildings I've seen.

Quakenbrück can still be reached by train from Oldenburg and Osnabrück. Most of the station area however is now trackless and overgrown.

Stellwerk (signalbox) in Quakenbrück

Now a connecting track to local industry, but at a wild guess I would say it was once the starting point of the narrow-gauge railway

To the left a fuel depot(?), to the right the track to Rheine

Traffic control of Oldenburg (OL) ends here and we go into the 'wastelands'. The abandoned railway is still under control of Lingen district

First of many bridges

Signal on the approach of Quakenbrück

Draisinenbahnhof Quakenbrück on the other side of the road crossing. From this point the railroad is used by tourists using man-powered lorries (draisines).


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