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Oebisfelde - Salzwedel

The 59 km long state railway between Salzwedel and Oebisfelde was build in 1889 to serve a large area of the western part of the Altmark. Towns and villages along the line were small so passenger traffic was modest with 5 trainpairs in 1929 to 9 train pairs in 1999. Maximum speed was limited to 50 km/h, average speed was at best 41 km/h, resulting in a travel time of one and a halve hours for the total stretch.
All stations along the line were provided with freight loading and train crossing facilities and there was plenty of freight traffic in DDR times.
In later years the number of passengers fell. Drastic costsaving works like removing all unnessassy tracks at stations brought little relief. The final straw was the planned enlargement of the Mittelland Canal, which meant a costly new bridge would have to be built. Passengertraffic was subsequently halted in 2002. Freight traffic had been halted just before at a country wide rationalisation program.
In 2007 the Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn has leased the railway with the intention of restarting passenger traffic between Salswedel and Klötze. Because of the expensive new bridge it is unlikely that trains will ever ride all the way to Oebisfelde again.
(source: de.wikipedia.org)


In this hiking and railtracking holiday I walked from Oebisfelde to Salzwedel and from there to Hohenwulsch. You can view the first part of this expedition at Eisenbahnknoten Oebisfelde. Below is the second part starting at Oebisfelde and walking to Salzwedel.

Overview of railways in the Altmark.

Overview of railways at Oebisfelde.
A new railway viaduct was built east of Oebisfelde to avoid regional trains having to cross the highspeed tracks. The railwayline to Salzwedel also had to use this viaduct which resulted in a new large S-shaped connection track build in 1995, including a road bridge. It saw little use as traffic was halted in 2002.

Bahnhof Oebisfelde
While chatting to a passerby I forgot to check Oebisfelde Bahnhof Nord. I did see a nice abandoned factory though.

Abandoned chemical plant just north of the station

AZ Chemie; werk Oebisfelde

This is the old trackbed of our railway, view towards te station.

Same location, view to the north. The tracks were probably removed when the new connection was put into service.

At Wasserdorf

Nothing remains of the railroad crossing at Wasserdorf (Hauberstraße)

The trackbed is getting difficult to walk. Farmers have (re)claimed it by fencing it off, in other places it has been dug away for crossing ditches and field roads.

Road bridge (Dorfstraße) across the new track as seen from the old track.

Here the ballast has been removed (probably put to use on some field road) and remnants of the old gravel ballast come to the surface.
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