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Salzwedel - Badel

Just after the 'Salzwedeler Kleinbahn GmbH' had build a narrow gauge railroad from Salzwedel to Diesdorf a new company was grounded in 1901. The 'Salzwedeler Kleinbahn-Gesellschaft Südost GmbH' built a narrow gauge track from Salzwedel to the southeast. The railways shared their starting point at station Salzwedel-Neustadt (later: Kleinbahnhof), just across the street from the state railway station. The track to firstly Winterfeld and later Badel split off at station Altpervertor.
In 1921 both railway companies merged into the Salzwedeler Kleinbahnen GmbH. With time the weak trackbed and reloading of freight from narrow gauge to normal gauge wagons at Wintersfeld became problematic so in 1926 the track was changed to standard gauge. The endpoint was changed from Wintersfeld to Badel to make a direct connection from Salzwedel to Kalbe.
The chemical works drew a lot of freight traffic. To accommodate this a new bridge was build over the Jeetze in 1951 to connect the Kleinbahn with the state railway and a shunting yard was constructed at Krinau. Passenger trains to Kalbe now also used this new connection, running through station Altstadt in stead of Altpervertor.
Passenger trains between Salzwedel and Kalbe disappeared in 1980, freight traffic held on longer as the line was closed down bit by bit.
(Sources: de.wikipedia.org, article from the Volksstimme on Dampflokfreunde Salzwedel website)

Overview of railways and stations at Salzwedel in 2007

Overview of explored railroads in the region

15-05-07 Part 3 of railhiking expedition in the Altmark (Germany)
This is the continuation of my trek from Oebisfelde to Salzwedel. The pictures below are not in chronological order so don't be surprised by sudden changes in weather. The rainy pictures were made on a Tuesday morning, the sunny pictures on a Thursday evening and a Friday morning when I had a bit of leftover time on my way home.

Station Salzwedel Neustadt, looking west. A part of the railyard has already disappeared under a new office block but here at least some traces of the ballast bed still can be found.

Station building (?)

Looking east. A locomotive or carriage shed?
Between the railwaystation and station Altpervertor I found little traces of the railroad. Looks like most of it has been covered by new roads only recently constructed.

The new road as seen from station Altpervertor, where my map says there should be a railroad.

Station Altpervertor is still there, it now serves as an Imbiß (café).

"Unfallgefahr, Bahnanlage" This building at Altpervertor is still owned by the Deutche Bahn

Looking south, just south of station Altpervertor. Traces of ballast can be found in grass to the left.

Looking north. Rails left in the pavement of the Kolkweg. I think these are part of the railway going westward to Diesdorf and the rails to Badel were on the right.

Looking north on the railway to Badel, the railway to Diesdorf is now the parking lot on the left.
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