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Enschede Zuid -
Leeuwarden -
Hellendoorn -
Goor - Neede -
Zoutkamp -
Maastricht -
Winterswijk -
Winterswijk -
Bocholt - Borken
Quakenbrück -
BW Rheine
Rheine -
Burgsteinfurt -
Hochneukirch -
Jülich -
Franeker - Arum
Einde Dokkumer
BW Oebisfelde
Oebisfelde -
Salzwedel -
Badel -
Grootse Plannen
At Benkendorf the railroad makes a sharp bend to the south. The track here looked very overgrown and the cornfield next to it not very passable either so I chose to take the road for a kilometer and join the railway again at Büssen.

Here halting place Büssen must have been but only the "Unfallgefahr, Bahnanlage" sign points this out.

Same place, looking south. The track is overgrown like this for a long distance. Luckily for me there is a pretty gravel road running next to it.

A railroad crossing, but probably made after the railroad had already closed down.
On a side note, I found an occupied badger hole nearby, just meters behind my intended camp site, just after I had put up my tent. Yes I did move the tent.

Next morning; turnout at Jeggeleben

The garage-like shed is what is left of the waiting shelter.
In the narrow gauge days the railroad went on southwest to Wintersfeld. When the track was converted to normal gauge in 1926 the route was changed to lead to Badel. I haven't found any traces of the old route, though I have to say I don't exactly know where to look. Also the narrow gauge track was of a much lighter construction so it is likely there is much less to find anyway.
On we go to Badel.

Very few signs have survived the years

One of the more passable bits. Further on there are a some meters of rail missing here and there.

Nature and wildlife

A bit of track has been removed for this newly paved field road.
I had an unexpected long break here. My new camera had reset itself to the default setting of super-duper-extra-high quality meaning my memory card was suddenly full. The quality of my pictures is limited by the skills of the photographer anyway so most of the time I use a low quality setting and have plenty of storage space. Now I had to check all photographs and throw away all duplicates and less interesting ones to make some room.
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