Enschede Noord -
Enschede Zuid -
Leeuwarden -
Hellendoorn -
Goor - Neede -
Zoutkamp -
Maastricht -
Winterswijk -
Winterswijk -
Bocholt - Borken
Quakenbrück -
BW Rheine
Rheine -
Burgsteinfurt -
Hochneukirch -
Jülich -
Franeker - Arum
Einde Dokkumer
BW Oebisfelde
Oebisfelde -
Salzwedel -
Badel -
Grootse Plannen

I saw many foxes but this is the first one to stand still and pose for the camera

Approaching Beetzendorf

Railroads in Beetzendorf; the state railway Salzwedel - Oebisfelde and the Altmärkische Kleinbahn railways from Kalbe to Diesdorf and further.
Klötze is building a model of the Kleinbahn part of this station in scale TT, see Klötzes Modellbauseiten

View to the south. The track to Kalbe (closed 1995) bent away to left but has been removed, only the track to Oebisfelde is still here.

The Altmärkische Kleinbahn station building

Small excursion to an interesting looking building

The street side of the station building looks reasonably well maintained. There is a monument of four pillars representing the four directions a traveler once could go by train from this station. On the pillars are written the main stations, length and opening and closing date of the track.

The track side of the station building looks less healthy.

Only one track remains in the rail yard of Beetzendorf. Actually, Beetzendorf was for a period completely trackless. When they cleared all redundant tracks they were a bit to rigorous and removed the through going track as well by accident. This was later rebuild.

Not everything was removed, this remainder of the track to Diesdorf was left behind.

Signal box at the north end of the yard

There are no turnouts to operate any more but it looks like the signal box is still fully equipped.
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