Enschede Noord -
Enschede Zuid -
Leeuwarden -
Hellendoorn -
Goor - Neede -
Zoutkamp -
Maastricht -
Winterswijk -
Winterswijk -
Bocholt - Borken
Quakenbrück -
BW Rheine
Rheine -
Burgsteinfurt -
Hochneukirch -
Jülich -
Franeker - Arum
Einde Dokkumer
BW Oebisfelde
Oebisfelde -
Salzwedel -
Badel -
Grootse Plannen

A set of small bridges crossing a stream south of Jülich station. The one we want is hidden by trees. The rusty rails seen in the picture go to Kirchberg

This gravel road follows the railroad, but if it's directly on or next to where the railway was I cannot say.

The road B56, on the lefthand embankment, was build after the railroad was closed. The bump is were the B56 was build over the railroad.

A wide grass-covered dam runs towards the river Rur.

In the nature reserve along the riverbank the bridge heads and a pylon can still be found. Making photos is a bit difficult.

Getting to the other side results in either wet feet or a big detour over Kirchberg. I chose the last option, after a nights sleep. The detour over Kirchberg had the advantage of doing some other interesting railtracking: Jülich - Kirchberg

On the south side of the Rur, looking towards Jülich. Here the railroad crossed this local road.

The railroad is not so totally overgrown here

Tracks of apassing excavator have unearth a bit of the gravel.
We are obviously moving into lignite mining territory again. Pumps, to lower the watertable, are everywhere together with gravel roads for maintenance crews to use. Even the edge of the open-cast mine can be seen by the masts put up alongside it.
The railroad is always recognisable and is sometimes used as field road.

I decided for a small detour to Altdorf which would have been on the other side of this roadbridge. The last remnants of the bridge seem also to be the last remnants of Altdorf.
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