Enschede Noord -
Enschede Zuid -
Leeuwarden -
Hellendoorn -
Goor - Neede -
Zoutkamp -
Maastricht -
Winterswijk -
Winterswijk -
Bocholt - Borken
Quakenbrück -
BW Rheine
Rheine -
Burgsteinfurt -
Hochneukirch -
Jülich -
Franeker - Arum
Einde Dokkumer
BW Oebisfelde
Oebisfelde -
Salzwedel -
Badel -
Grootse Plannen

Approaching stopping place Bühne-Güssefeld. Both the villages Bühne and Güssefeld lie some distance from the railroad.

The current inhabitant of the station building was obviously curious about my doings. His dog was interested in joining my quest and had to be called back by the owner.

Looking back north towards Bühne-Güssefeld. The first curve in the track after several straight kilometers since Badel

At the last track renovation the old unusable wooden ties were just cast aside. This is not the first and only heap of old ties I found.

A faded warning cross marks the start of the reappearing rails. Maybe the rails here have been left to serve the neighboring gravel pit.

Why cut out one meter of track?

Not much remains of Haltepunkt Vahrholz, just a bit of platform edge and an unused bit of land

Closer to Kalbe the track gets more overgrown. Here a bit has been removed, just behind is a bridge deemed to dangerous to cross.

On the other side of a small ridge of earth is what remains of the track to Klötze and Gardelegen. It now leads to a concrete factory.

The coal bunker
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