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Kalbe (Calbe an der Milde) was the headquarters and hub of operations of the Altmärkische Kleinbahn AG.

The old station building from the start of the railway was thought too small and replaced in 1938 by this one. Except for some broken windows it looks in good shape.

Peeking in through a broken window.

Milchwerke Mittelelbe GmbH
Werklok 2

(Dairyworks Middel Elbe, factory locomotive 2)

Many shades of rusty brown. Who owns these museum vehicles?

Rear, streetside view of the locomotive shed at Kalbe

New kilometer signs! Reminds me of Leeuwarden - Stiens where new signs were placed after the railroad closed. But I don't know the placement date of these signs.

There were still passenger trains on this track in 2001 so it surprised me somewhat that the track was already completely blocked by brambles. There was no getting through (except with heavy, diesel engine equipped machinery maybe) so another detour was in order.

In W.W.II a huge aerial was erected near Kalbe (Goliath, one can still see its foundations on Google Earth). A connection track was build to the site for transporting building materials. Though I didn't pay attention to it when I was there, there are some possible traces of this track to be seen on (again) Google Earth.

The bridge across the Milde is nothing special.

It is not allowed to wave with black hands.
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